Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My brother Gersom give me :
The "Life is a Beach" cricut cartridge, I can't
wait to play with this.
I also receive a Target gift card from him.

My Christmas Presents


My DH give me the best gift ever:

The second book from the "Twilight" series
and the books a million members card.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black Friday!

Some of you might be wondering what I buy on Black Friday. So I decide to share with everyone!

My first stop was Wal Mart they had awesome deals, cricut cartridges for $30.00.
To me this was the store with better deals on this cartridges, Michael's had the new ones for $35.99, that's $6.00 dollars more than Walmart.

Plus WalMart had kids pajamas and sweatshirts for $3.00 so I bought a few. I also got a coffeemaker.

After that I went to target and bought this movies for a really good price, I had to wait 30-40 minutes to pay .

My brother was at Toys R Us since 5:30 am, so everyone is my family ask him to get us the Christmas toys for the kids, I got this two animal buckets for $4.99 each.

Michael's had their sale since the day before so I got this memory makers embellishment center for $35.

Hello Kitty Altered clock

What a nice surprise I receive on monday, it was this altered clock made with the Hello Kitty cartridge. This was from a nice lady at the cricut.com website.