Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to save money on Cricut products!

Someone post a question at the cricut website that made me write this article. She mention she had a cricut, but the products are very expensive to buy. I know that when you buy your first Cricut most of us have no clue how to use it, or if there are other places that sel cricut products for less, so here are a few tips.

1.-There are many websites where ou can buy cartridges for less than the retail price that is $69.99-$89.99, even the sale price at Michael's ($45) is high compare to other websites.

I always recommend , because they have bundles, like 4 carts for $99.99
0r carts from $19.99, if you sign up to receive their newsletter you will receive a weekly coupon.

You can also try, you will have to create an account to be able to buy, but is worth it! Many of my carts came from ebay, I bought the Hannah Montana cart for $30.00, a childs year cart for $31.00, my communty for $24.99, Hello Kitty $40.00.

You also have the option to RENT, yes you read right, instead of buying the carts you can rent them at

At this website you have 3 different types of rental options the cheapest one is for $13.99 and you receive one cartridge of your choice, you can exchange it at any time for as many times you want during one month.

2.- Cricut carrying bag:

Many of us know the high prices on this totes. I currently don't own a Cricut bag instead I use a gym bag that is paded on the inside with baby blankets and it has work for me.

3.- Cricut tools:

The spatula is the most commune tool you will use with your cricut it is more than necessary.

Check places like Walt Mart or your local Scrapbook store, ebay, etc.

4.- Cricut mats:

When the mats are not sticky anymore don't trow them away, instead buy GLUE IN SPRAY that is repositionable, this is very important it needs to be repositionable (I use Krylon Easy tack repositionable ) and spray your mats, you can keep doing this until your mat is completely dirty and this trick doesn't work anymore.

Hope this helps some of you


  1. Great Tips! Thanks for sharing this. Also, you can check out scrapbook pal their cricut carts are cheap, look for sale on Custom crop they go down extremely cheap. Another one I buy from is crazy scraps. Another one is Scrapbook Alley.
    Thank you for your time in writing this.